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How Frequently Do You Turn Down Help?

Pride, a lone wolf mentality and a certain arrogance prevented me from getting help. Until my early 30’s I coasted through life because I closed myself off from help.

I offer help regularly these days but ask for help freely and open up to receive feedback in all I do.

Blogging – and life – became easier the moment I backburnered my pride and asked for help.

Maybe you are a working mom who needs help raising your young family.

Perhaps you need help caring for your special needs child.

Maybe you need to hand off the role of caregiver to a professional after helping your terminally ill wife for years.

Overwhelmed entrepreneurs should be screaming for help; we wear too many hats as it is.

The happiest, most successful people ask for and receive help freely.

I think of most people, who choose to close themselves off from the world, and struggle because they never ask for help and can never seem to get help.


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